536 depth『あてどない日常に辿る心情風景のフロウ』

2021.12.26 Release!

A Flow of Imagined Landscape

Ⓟ&Ⓒ2021 kitorina records



芸術分野における企画業務を軸に幅広いジャンルを展開する久保田友和(ローラ)が企画した本作は、コンスタントに楽曲リリースをし、ライブではアコギ一本で行うシンガーソングライター児玉梨奈の作詞作曲にエレクトロニカベースのトラックメーカーTakuya Miyoshiの編集アレンジを加えるとどのように科学反応を起こすかを目的とする楽曲。

幻想的なメロディに孤高感漂うリリック。そこにTakuya Miyoshiが加えたのは優しいピアノをベースにインダストリアルサウンドをトッピング。
そしてTakuya Miyoshiは同じメロディとリリックでもう一つのアレンジをしている。

An experimental collaborative work by three Sapporo-based artists released in 2013.

This work, planned by Tomokazu Kubota (Rola), who develops a wide range of genres based on planning work in the field of art, aims to see how a scientific reaction occurs when the lyrics of singer-songwriter [Rina Kodama], who consistently releases music and performs live with only an acoustic guitar, are added to the edited arrangement of electronica-based track maker [Takuya Miyoshi].

A fantastic melody and a lyrical sense of isolation. Then [Takuya Miyoshi] adds a gentle piano base topped with industrial sounds.
It's very comfortable, and "isanawareru" is an apt description.
Then [Takuya Miyoshi] added another arrangement with the same melody and lyric.
This one is based on African tribal music. The arrangement is so impressive that it's hard to believe it's the same song.
This experimental work from eight years ago has now been released for distribution.
The experiment is a unique combination of different elements that makes it a so-called "peculiar" piece.