my bird warms a blanket for Colette 『Eject』

2022.01.22 Release!

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my bird warms a blanket for Colette の最新アルバム『eject』。

ゲストコーラスにエレクトロニカユニット木箱のSAyAが参加 [track 4,5,6]。
ミックス、マスタリングはkitorina records 西村サトシが担当。

“eject” by my bird warms a blanket for Colette is out midnight JST on January 22nd, 2022.

This album is the culmination of the band’s ten years playing together and showcases their experience with a wide variety of new music.
The title track “eject” features a sweeping melodic guitar solo, the group has rearranged new versions of the previously released “strawman” and “qq”, ”tomorrow” features lush string-focused synth arrangements, and “snowdrop” has an ethereal shoegaze sound.

The album includes guest backing vocals by SAyA, from electronica duo kibaco, on tracks 4, 5, and 6.
All tracks were mixed and mastered by Satoshi Nishimura at kitorina records.

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今年で結成10周年を迎える『my bird warms a blanket for Colette』NewAlbum【Eject】リリースに多方面の方々からお祝いコメントをいただきましたので、ご紹介させていただきます。