sayu feat. Wataru Yokoyama 『終わらない僕らの旅』

2022.06.08 Release!

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Ⓟ&Ⓒ2022 kitorina records

sayu の1stシングル「終わらない僕らの旅」

今作はトラックメイカーにWataru Yokoyamaを迎え、3人のカラーを活かした作品となっている。

ベーシストでもあるWataru Yokoyamaならではのリズム感とグルーヴ、そして今作で初めて魅せたポップなアプローチが心地良い。

作曲はオガワマユとWataru Yokoyamaが手掛け、オガワマユらしいしなやかで感動を誘うメロディーラインが特徴的である。


sayu's 1st single, "Endless Our Journey

This work features Wataru Yokoyama as the track maker, and the three members' colors are utilized in this work.

The rhythm and groove of Wataru Yokoyama, who is also a bassist, and the pop approach that he shows for the first time in this album, are pleasant to listen to.

Composed by Mayu Ogawa and Wataru Yokoyama, the album is characterized by Ogawa Mayu's graceful and moving melody lines.

SAyA wrote the lyrics to accompany the melody, and the world of SAyA's poetry heightens one's immersion in the song, making it seem as if one could get lost in the forest of sayu's sounds at any moment.

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